Friday, May 30, 2014

Pre-Pregnancy Prep

With my pre-pregnancy check already scheduled for next Tuesday there's nothing I love more than being prepared, or as prepared as I can be when it comes to making baby!

Here are the products I'm using now and plan to start using within the next 2 months. 

Aside from taking my Folic Acids (I'm using Nature Made Folic Acid brand) I've also begun drinking more water and "trying" to eat healthier. My next step is making a dentist appointment to make sure my dental hygiene is in tip-top shape.

My favorite read at the moment is "What to expect before you're expecting" In the first chapter it's given me some great talking tips for my Doctors appointment on Tuesday.

What are some tried and true products or remedies you swear by.

- What is the best firming/stretch mark prevention lotion you use?
- What brand of prenatal's would you recommend?
- Anything I should ask my Doctor at my pre-pregnancy appointment?

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